Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Have A Drink On Me

Sunday, November 4, 1990.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that half a bottle of Kaluha was the beginning of me using alcohol as a crutch. Not where it became a problem, but still…
Ashley left at 10:30AM – maybe to go find a church, or perhaps to convert more unbelievers. What? I’m in a country filled with Buddhists! I know that Buddhism is more of a philosophy rather than a religion…
I clean up the apartment and fish tank and notice that me new goldfish has survived the rigors of festival life.
I then begin tackling the den and room on closet rooms (the two rooms on either side of my bedroom) when the phone rings. It’s the boy from Nozaki Junior High School who somehow has my number and likes to call and say hello – something he does everyday since I’ve been here in Ohtawara. He calls five more times. I think he even puts on his little sister who says “Good morning.” It’s 7PM! Obviously it’s a lot of cleaning that I do. Mostly it’s about putting away the goods I brought with me from Canada.
When Matthew calls, I grab the phone and almost tell him where to go assuming it’s my little pest. It’s my big pest, but him I don’t mind talking to. Matthew asks if I want to go an Ohtawara Friendship Association party. We go. We get blasted. Dance with a lot of cute women… including Naoko. Does she want me? She’s seems smarter than that, so I’ll assume ‘no’.
Later, a bunch of us go to a pub. Mayor Sembo is there and joins us. He buys me a whiskey which tastes pretty good right about now, so I know I’m blitzed because I hate whiskey. We all sing karaoke, before I stagger out for a five-minute walk home at 9:30PM. Arriving 30-minutes later, I realize I’ve forgotten to tape a movie for Ashley. That’s not going to be pretty.
I watch more television and go to sleep at midnight.
Somewhere the room is spinning,
Andrew Joseph

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