Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jealous Guy

Wednesday, October 31, 1990.

Up at 6:30AM, I get a ride to Sakuyama Junior High School from the math teacher who can’t speak any English and doesn’t say very much in Japanese (much to my relief).
I have three classes of English in a row, and do some pretty darn effective use of the text while team-teaching.
I have lunch with a first-year class (Grade 7), get punched in the nuts by one of them (but for some reason it didn’t hurt), and punch him back in the upper arm (I'm sure that one hurt). I head home at 5PM with the same silent teacher.
Ashley arrives at 5:30PM, with Kanemaru-san arriving a few minutes later to take us both to kyu-do (Japanese archery) practice at the local Ohtawara Kyudo Club. We’ve been going for about four weeks now, but after getting hurt in my two bike versus car accidents, my ribs hurt.
At the club, I get ticked off because I’m still shooting at a practice target, while Ashley has improved enough to shoot at the real target from the proper 60-foot distance. My ribs are killing me everytime I pull on the bow, and the pain interferes with my concentration – which like most things Japanese, is 80 per cent of the ability to do anything.
While at the club, Ashley asks me to go to an enkai (party) with her this very night. But I’m still pretty steamed at her/me for kyu-do, but mostly I’m angry because she and Matthew were invited to this party, but I was not. Age makes me forget what that party was for or where it was… just know I was angry (probably the Ohtawara Friendship Association). It didn’t matter that Ashley invited me (in hindsight, a very nice thing to have done), but it didn’t change the fact that the party-throwers didn’t invite me. Man… it’s like high school all over again. I hated my friggin’ teenaged years with a vengeance (it’s making me angry having to think about it right now). It's making me hate Japan.
So… I don’t go. I go home and make some chili for tomorrow and make myself a double bacon burger for dinner. There's nothing on TV but I watch it anyway.
Melissa (see HERE) calls me up and asks me to relieve her boredom. What I wouldn’t have given to really do that, but instead we talk and I get that long distance feeling to reach out, reach out and touch yourself. Still, it’s nice that at least someone thinks I can entertain her.
Somewhere, boring me is in bed by midnight,
Andrew Joseph

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