Thursday, April 1, 2010


Just a brief note here... I was in contact with Kristine this past week. She read THIS blog to her husband who laughed at the content and more than likely, my choice of grammar.

While Kristine wasn't aware in 1990 that I was a virgin until arriving in Japan, since then she has "jokingly" suggested that that explained a few things about my choice of women. Even though our conversations were via e-mail and did not include "quotes" around the word 'jokingly', I could tell she implied it.

Now hold on a minute, oh gentle reader. Over my time in Japan, I slept with a lot of women (I know the real number, but it's not pertinent to the point I want to make), and dated a lot more... I never asked a woman out. I was asked. I was still shy. I know, no one believes me - but it was true then.

Remember how I mentioned that Kristine first stopped me while I walked through our hotel lobby in Tokyo. Or how Ashley grabbed my hand and dragged me into the Java Jive dance club even though I had no idea who she was. And then that untold Blog of that woman in Osaka--I'll mention her briefly in a future blog--mostly because I have a lot of neat photos to share--but let's just say that she had a boyfriend and still threw herself on me.

Hey... why did Kristine stop me? Maybe she thought I was part of her group? Maybe she's just a friendly person? Maybe she thought I was hot and wanted to get to know me? Or maybe, just maybe she caught me looking at her first. I'll be honest, since I still thought of myself as shy, I was more than likely walking with my face staring at the floor, and after seeing a cast on a leg, I looked up and at the person wearing it. Who knows why? I'm just glad any one of the above might have happened. 

This country was like one big ole Disneyland. You must be at least this big to ride the rides. And I was growing (changing) for better or for worse.  

It's what It's A Wonderful Rife is all about. Yes, it's about Japan and how wacky it is, and how fantastic it is, but it's also about a foreigner trying to get to know himself.

Anyhow...Kristine would have slept with me in the 90s... and even though I know of this 20 years and 40-lbs later, I still feel pretty darn good about it.

Somewhere realizing this blog is much cheaper than psychotherapy,
Andrew Joseph
Today's title courtesy of KISS.

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