Friday, April 16, 2010

Sushi Girl

It’s Sunday, October 28, 1990, and the last day of my vacation in Osaka to meet a friend of my family’s friends who thought I was my brother.

Confused? That’s what she said. She being Toshiko. Toshiko of the happy mistake of me being older than my 19-year-old brother. Toshiko of I’m going to make a move on this gaijin despite having a boyfriend.

Of course, she’s not to blame. Alcohol and me flirting – something I have done with every woman I have yet to meet in 1990 – made for an interesting and now guilty weekend of pleasure.

As mentioned, Ashley and I had a fight prior to me going to Osaka – and while we weren’t officially apart, as a guy I assumed it meant go ahead and see if you can make sushi out of some octopus parts, rice and seaweed. While not a chef by any stretch of the imagination, I do like my sushi.

I guess Osaka became my Oh Calcutta! See HERE and HERE .

As such, when Toshiko came to pick me, up from my hotel at 8:30AM and took me back to her apartment for breakfast, cornflakes were not on the menu.

So much for the guilt I felt yesterday. This time I can’t even blame it on the drinky-poo’s.
We finish up our “meal” and dress and head out to a local park and museum where theses PHOTOS are from.

Since poor Toshiko is broke – I swear I didn’t break her – much – I pay for our entrance into the museum. It’s a pottery museum. Now if I gave a crap about pottery at this time, I might have found it stimulating and perhaps even awe-inspiring. But, the Andrew of 1990 was not yet the Andrew of 1993. (To be fair, the Andrew of 2010 may not give a crap about pottery either).

To me, the museum is expensive – 1000 yen apiece (about $10 per), and I do find it boring and short.
We walk around a park, snap those photos you should have already looked at via the above link, and then… we have to go and meet her boyfriend for lunch. If either one of us feels guilty, we don’t show it.
The boyfriend, whose name I can’t recall, was a very nice guy. Very friendly and funny – but since I’m pretty sure I still smell of sex, I try to stand downwind of him at all opportunities. Thank goodness we bow in this country rather than shake hands.

At the restaurant he walks us to, we all have spaghetti and beer, and I notice that his face turns beet red after only a few sips. It seems to be a Japanese feature when alcohol is consumed, and one I will touch upon further at a later date – perhaps in a blog entitled One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer. Or perhaps not. I’ll probably forget to use this title when the time comes. So forget I said/wrote anything about it.

After the meal, we head over to the Shin Osaka eki (Osaka shinkansen/bullet train station). He says he has to head somewhere so it’s just me and Toshiko, so I don’t feel bad about giving her a good-bye kiss.
I get on the 3:44PM bullet train to Tokyo, and arrive exactly on time at 6:36PM. Not one minute early or late. On time. Canada could sure as heck take a lesson from the Japanese rail system regarding timeliness.

By the way, I peer out the window to my left – and due to some heavy rain cloud activity, I am unable to see Japan’s tallest and most famous mountain, Mt. Fuji. Oh well, I still have 11 months to see it before my one-year contract is up and I head back to Toronto.

After boarding a northbound shinkansen to Nasu-Shiobara, my only difficulty ensues when I arrive at my destination and can’t find the entrance to the local JR (Japan Rail) line that will take me south to Nishinasuno eki (station) where I have my bicycle.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad trip. I got sex. Always a bonus. Drunk. Another bonus. Saw a few sights – although I did get lost walking to Osaka-jo, so my streak is alive. It was mostly cold and cloudy or rainy during my trip, so my new-found ineptitude of rain and travel is also intact. And I got sex. Did I mention it more than once? I should have. If you’ll recall, it was my whole reason for coming to this country – as pathetic a reason as it may appear to some of you. I know, you guys are saying: “No, that’s not a pathetic excuse at all”. I’m just saying that because I have more female readers than men.

Anyhow… now that I’m back in Ohtawara and in my apartment, I call Ashley a few times. I’m guessing that sex is like sushi. Delicious, but you want more. She’s not in until 9:30, though and says she will see me tomorrow.

Now this is where I started all of these diary entries for you… so you are kind of up to date. Next: Andrew & Ashley break up! This time for sure! Part 1 of 47 different break-ups!

Somewhere wondering why I didn’t call up Kristine while I was in the area,
Andrew D’oh! Joseph

Today’s title brought to you by The Tubes – click HERE for an SCTV video of the group.
Did you know that SCTV alum Catherine O’Hara went to my high school? Dave Foley of Kids In The Hall, too. 

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