Sunday, July 4, 2010

Flowers from recycled soft drink plastic bottles

A month ago, my boyfriend bought this sort of a plastic flower art piece from an old man who was making and selling this beside the street of Lacson Ave. near the University of Santo Tomas in Manila.  From afar, she thought that it was just a bunch of ordinary plastic flowers but, as she got closer, she noticed that it was unlike any plastic flower she's seen before.  It was made from recycled soft drink plastic bottles.  It reminded her of the recycled paper roll design that was posted here some time ago.  The old man who was making this by the side of the road was in his late 40s, my guess, and he was selling each piece for only 20 pesos which was approximately 0.42 US dollars.  He called them "Bote-ful" Flowers;  "Bote" - the tagalog word for bottle and then attaching the letters "ful" to make it sound like "beautiful" or "beautiful flowers".

The trunk and the leaves were cut-out from the plastic soft drinks bottle and shaped to resemble real branches and leaves of a plant and then the flowers at the ends were made from folded plastic straws.

This is another example of a simple everyday object turned art.  "Manong Artist's" work is an inspiration to us all, showing us that creativity has no limits and boundaries.

His name is not actually "Manong Artist", I have not seen or have met him yet so I made up a name for him instead.

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