Saturday, July 10, 2010

Woman with The Longest Hair in the World

Another Bizarre woman with the longest hair in the World. her name was Xie Qiuping. with her long hair. Xie Qiuping held the Guiness World Record fot the Longest Woman hair on 8 May 2004.

Xie Qiuping hair was measured about 5,627 metre. or it's equal to 18 feet 5.54 inch. Really really long huh?? i wonder how she wash her hair?? and how many shampoo does she needs to wash her hair in a week?

This woman from Guangxi china start growing her hair when she was 13 in 1973, and since then she doesn't cut her hair anymore and let them grow.

If her hair was measured has 5,627 metre in 2004 now how long is her hair now?? it's about 5 years since the last measure.. is she still hold the record for the longest hair in the world?? who knows..
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