Saturday, December 11, 2010

Money (That's What I Want)

Okay... just something short today because it's my son's 5th birthday, and I've got like maybe 20 kids and a traveling critter fest coming over where the kids can learn about and then touch the animals...   Here we go...

I have this thing about the number 47. 

The following is excerpted from another letter I sent to my friend Rob back in Toronto on June 25th, 1993.
Just so you know, the number 47 is a combination of the two soccer numbers given to me when I played as a kid, and is utilized in all of my short stories somewhere (just not necessarily in all of my blogs - though the number does show up more often than it doesn't) .

Dear Rob,

I was at the OBOE (Ohtawara Board of Education) office today, and one of the guys gave me a free ticket to a beer garden party that's happening here in town. As you can see from the number on it, my life is pure kismet. What are the odds of me getting s ticket with that number on it? Probably about 47 to 1.

I didn't actually go to the event, because I was making a few extra bucks teaching English to some adults. I got Y10,000 ($100) for each of them... .and I taught six of them for an hour - and we just did conversation - talking! That's $600 - but since your math skills are at least equal to mine, I assume you figured it out!

I love this country! I didn't ask or charge that amount - that is what they gave me at the end of the session. I was hoping for maybe Y10,000 in total or even just Y5,000 ($50).

Somewhere counting my blessings and money,
Andrew Joseph,
Today's title is sung by The Beatles: CASHOLA

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