Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stunning Happy New Year 2012 Compilation Photographs

Happy new year and Happy Merry Christmas. These moments are the last moment for the year 2011 no more than hour to say good by to the 2011 year and a happy new year. I've collected these photographs from over the websites searching  for the most stunning photos to give it to you as a gift for the new year.


by Andreas Jones

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Women Life Paintings by William Whitaker

William Whitaker grew up in the special world of the working artist. He had access to the finest art materials and was painting in watercolor and oil at the age of six. His fondest early memories are of the sights sounds and smells of the art studio.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stunning Natural Objects Paintings by Omar Ortiz

Alright, You may have seen some of realistic paintings but I think this one will stunning you and take you away to the world of reality.

Omar Ortiz  is one of the talented painters, by his talent mind and his soft hands he paint a very stunning and incredible hyper realism likelife paintings for women and some natural objects like Orange.

You may know some realism likelife painters like Steve Hanks, Larissa Morais and other examples like the posts in this blog titled  Oil Paintings for My MOM, 30 Beautiful and Realistic Portraits Manipulation.

We have seen an examples of Omar Ortiz women paintings now you will see another fabulous paintings of natural objects and other objects have a look and I hope to have a good perception time. 

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Monday, December 19, 2011

You are not alone by The Photo Manipulator Michael Vincent Manalo

The title of this post is really amazing. Michael Manalo, the photo manipulator of these photos, summarized the human relations and feelings with simple manipulated photos. 

The loneliness, women feelings  the world song and the tales from a world musician, our dreams are also mentioned by the artist with his photo titled Tales from the dream nomad. He also indicate that the world is really small by his photo titled The earth room. Hope has also a bit of his artwork by the photo titled The euphony of the apocalypse and the story teller and finally the The kingdom is coming.

You are not alone

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stunning Art Photography That Warming Your Heart

Every moment there's a photographer artist captures a special photograph from a special place by a special method and camera. Using different angles with different lighting mixing them with some face emotions and body movement to give us a perfect photograph.

Here are some of the most photographs captured by talented photographers for  human portrait, body and for nature each of them will give you some feeling of rest mood and warming. Go ahead and I hope to find your suitable photograph.

Beautiful Creative Photos
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Stunning Hyper Realistic Lifelike Paintings by Omar Ortiz

Alright, You may have seen some of realistic paintings but I think this one will stunning you and take you away to the world of reality.

Omar Ortiz  is one of the talented painters, by his talent mind and his soft hands he paint a very stunning and incredible hyper realism likelife paintings for women and some natural objects like Orange.

You may know some realism likelife painters like Steve Hanks, Larissa Morais and other examples like the posts in this blog titled  Oil Paintings for My MOM, 30 Beautiful and Realistic Portraits Manipulation.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Stunning Realistic Paintings By Ayman Maleki

Iman or Ayman in other spelling way was born on 1976 in Tehran, Iran. He has been fascinated by the art of Painting since he was a child. At the age of 15, he started to learn painting under the mastery of his first and only teacher - Morteza Katouzian - who is the greatest realist painter of Iran. Meanwhile, he began to paint professionally. In 1999 he graduated in Graphic Design from the Art University of Tehran. Since 1998, he has participated in several exhibitions. In the year 2000, he got married and in the following year he established ARA Painting Studio and started to teach painting, considering classical and traditional values.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Art Photography : Stunning Moments Of Underwater Waves By Mark Dipple

One of the most amazing and unique photograph which was captured by the photographer artist Mark Dipple from Sydney, Australia. He began underwater photograph  landscape because of he was fascinated of the life under water.   He spent several months in the seabed to capture the moment of underwater waves roll.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Art Photography : Stunning Photograph To Give You Some Rest

Far away in the desert, in beneath of the sea in the caves, between the valleys there's also a stunning scene you didn't see, National Geo is one of the most incredible channels that preview such these photos and scenes. 

Here I'v put some of the most stunning Photos captured by National Geo   to change your mood and I hope to have some rest with these photos.

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Stunning Paintings Art on A Dusty Dirty Cars

These incredible artworks belong to Scott Wade, a man who once again proves anything can be a diamond in the rough, even a dirty car window.
Scott Wade is a talented graphic designer, from Wimberley, Texas, who loves to get his hands dirty. He paints all kinds of pictures in the back of his and his wife’s car, using only his fingers, dust and a few brushes. From the Mona Lisa to the portrait of Albert Einstein, Wade has created a series of artworks that have often stopped traffic.
He says people often gather around their cars when they go out, just to admire the beauty and detail of his art. Some get out of their vehicles at a red light and take pictures of his car.
Mr. Wade doesn’t drive his cars on a dirt track to get it dirty enough. Instead he uses oil, a special kind of dirt and a hair dryer to spread it across the windows. This takes him about 10 minutes, instead of seven days of driving through the dirt.
Working with dust means his masterpieces are destroyed whenever it rains, but Scott Wade views that as an opportunity to create even more impressive artworks. You have to admit it’s a lot more impressive than writing “wash me” on a car window.

Go to Scott Wade’s official site to check out more photos of his dirty art.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Stunning Portrait Photos Manipulation

Hello every one, today I post this art drawing which are painted using colored dots, it's really amazing portrait photos manipulation.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stunning Realistic Pencil Drawings By The Artist Paul Lung

At the first time of seeing these pictures you'll say that all of them are photographed, but really all of them are actually done completely by pencil.

These very realistic pencil drawings are  painted by artist Paul Lung . Paul Lung is a pencil graphite realism drawing. The detail and contrast of the drawings are so lifelike that it is difficult to believe that they are not photographs.

Paul Lung  is  38-year-old artist, from Hong Kong, the only thing he needs to draw these fabulous pictures are  only an 0.5 mm technical  graphite pencil and sheets of A2 paper to create some of the most unbelievable works of art.

Shadows and lights are the most important things to take care of when drawing any thing to appear realistic. Each of these paintings may take as much as 60 hours.

Paul Lung official site

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Stunning Shapes of Flames Photos by Pol Tergejst

I was always fascinated with the shape of flames. I often ask myself what are flames actually made of, what kind of material is that.

Pol Tergejst is an artist from Ekaterinburk, in Russia, who decided to play with fire, literally. He uses flame shapes to create some kind of flame-shape paintings, he composes different images of them. All this involves a lot of photographing.

Here you can see a small collection of his artworks where he tried to be creative and use the flames, burned matches, and smoke in order to create unique artworks.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Incredible Artwork Using 500,000 Cigarettes To Make Tiger Skin Carpet

This is one of the most stunning art work of the China's famous contemporary artist Xu Bing. He has worked on tobacco-related projects for over ten years.  This work is one of the artists Tobacco Project which examines the culture and production of tobacco from the perspective of this Chinese artist.

This art was done across the exhibition hall at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the rug is formed by the cigarettes which transformed into a creative material, unearthing contemporary and historical ideas about this powerful industry.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Sculpture Art: Fabulous Cemetery And Grave Sculptures

While cemeteries are often only visited after a loved one has passed, they also serve as important places to mourn. One very famous cemetery that is frequently visited for completely different reasons is the Staglieno in Genoa, Italy. Opened in 1851, the cemetery is filled with artistic sculptures that leave us with questions about our own mortality and our relationship with death. Famous historical figures including Friedrich Nietzsche and Mark Twain are said to have been fascinated with the Staglieno, ruminating over life's unanswered questions as they strolled through the hallowed grounds.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Art Photography : The Beauty Of Nature by Lars van de Goor , Part 2

He was born in 1964 in the Netherlands, in a houseboat. next to a farm, located between lakes and meadows. his first passion was music, the latest photographt and editing. In a way he is still composin.

In 2007 he bought his first camera, a fre months later he placed the very first photos on the internet. Now four years later he is nominated as a finalist on te 2010 Hasselbad Masters Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the world of photography.

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Art Photography : The Beauty Of Nature by Lars van de Goor , Part 1

He was born in 1964 in the Netherlands, in a houseboat. next to a farm, located between lakes and meadows. his first passion was music, the latest photographt and editing. In a way he is still composin.

In 2007 he bought his first camera, a fre months later he placed the very first photos on the internet. Now four years later he is nominated as a finalist on te 2010 Hasselbad Masters Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the world of photography.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stunning Photos, Trip To The Deepest Hole On The Earth

Today, the deepest hole ever created by humankind lies beneath the tower enclosing Kola’s drill. A number of boreholes split from the central branch, but the deepest is designated “SG-3,” a hole about nine inches wide which snakes over 12.262 kilometers (7.5 miles) into the Earth’s crust. The drill spent twenty-four years chewing its way to that depth, until its progress was finally halted in 1994, about 2.7 kilometers (1.7 miles) short of its 15,000-meter goal.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Amazing Sculptures: Highly Detailed Paper Relief Sculptures

These sculptures are belongs to the US based artist and a trained architect Christina Lihan with a highly detailed paper relief. She designed these stunning sculptures by mounted them in shadowboxes through combination of her professional skills ranging from two to six inches deep, created and designed some of the world's famous landmark such as  Taj Mahal, Eiffel tower, buildings of US cities and some private residences. 

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Stunning Moments : Here Comes The Bride With Amazing Dress

Here comes the bride with the most tallest dress in the world, a train dress with two mile length. This was happened in Italian village.

They say it’s a day you should never forget – and that’s certainly the case for Italian bride Elena De Angelis and the village of Casal di Princice.
Elena has been helped to carry her ever longest dress by hundreds of people through the streets of Casal di Princice. These hundreds of people contains schoolgirls and their mothers and surely the entire village.

The designer  of the bride dress is Gianni Molaro, this dress is made from 6000 meters if silk.

The veil literally stretched for miles and had to be carefully collected by designers after Elena arrived in the church.

 It's a bundle: Hundreds of mother and workers from the design company worked together to get the three kilometre long dress into the church

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Art Photography : Amazing Sun Shadow Captured Photos

In photography, which is essentially recording patterns of light, shade, and colour, "highlights" and "shadows" are the brightest and darkest parts of a scene or image. Photographic exposure must be adjusted (unless special effects are wanted) to allow the film or sensor, which has limited dynamic range, to record detail in the highlights without them being washed out, and in the shadows without their becoming undifferentiated black areas. via wikipedia

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fabulous Paintings By The Creative Street Painter Kurt Wenner

Street painting, also commonly known as pavement art, chalk art, and sidewalk art, is the performance art of rendering original and non-original artistic designs on pavement such as streets, sidewalks, and town squares with impermanent and semi-permanent materials such as chalk. via wikipedia

Kurt Wenner began street painting tinRome in 1982, and by 1984 was one of a few recognized Master Street Painters. Inspired by anamorphism, a technique used in fresco-ed ceilings to create the illusion of height, he devised a unique geometry that enabled him to bring his illusion to the horizontal surface of the street.

His new art form, known as anamorphic, illusionistic, or simply  3d street painting has become a worldwide phemomenon. via Kurt Wenner official site.
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Art Photography : Photos From The Old History Ruins

Old civilization may be great like Rome and Pharaoh, or small but the great things is to see their ruins their tools and traditions which they where used and live on it. Imagine why they built, how long it takes to be built, and the most important question is why it remains until now despite of natural forces.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stunning Photos: A Battle Of Survival By Scott Black

Life is the only thing we all afraid to loos it, nothing is important than life, here you'll see how the artist photographer tries to approach this meaning by his photos. using different meanings of life battle for survival  battle with the disease, the alone feelings, the senility, the fear,the death, the war and the food.

These photos are really a stunning message of life meanings captured by the photographer Scott Black keep looking and I hope to have a better life.

A Battle Of Survival

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stunning Photographs : Hanging Flower Baskets In The Paradise Of Desert

The paradise of desert,  located at Al-Ain, Dubai. This is the first park in Guinness World Record which has the largest number of  Hanging Flower Baskets, it's really incredible and the most stunning photos of human nature made.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stunning Art, Romance Paintings by Lena Sotskova

The Romance, the word for it the poetry  are written, the word at which the singers sing, the word for it the painters paint a beautiful paintings. Here are some of the most stunning paintings about romance painted using oil painting by the painter artist Lena Sotskova . 

Lena Sotskova is a representative of Russian classical art. She creates paintings of contemporary themes and subjects using old masters techniques and methods, achieving their balance and completeness.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Amazing Art: Classic Paintings With Modern Celebrities

Paintings like these are really fabulous, Trying to paint a celebrity from the current century to imagine them  in the eighteenth century or in the middle centuries. The days of Michelangelo the days of the Mona Lisa , to the days of the stunning oil paintings. 

Here you'll see a fabulous paintings for Modern Celebrities using the classic paintings from the old tradition, I hope to have fun with these paintings.

Angelina Jolie
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stunning 3d Art Drawings, Fabulous Imagination

A fantasy world is a fictional universe used in fantasy novels and games. Typical worlds involve magic or magical abilities and often, but not always, either a medieval or futuristic theme. Some worlds may be a parallel world tenuously connected to Earth via magical portals or items; a fictional Earth set in the remote past or future; or an entirely independent world set in another universe.

Many fantasy worlds draw heavily on real world history, geography and sociology, and also on mythology and folklore.Source:wikipedia

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art Photography : Stunning Flowers Photographs by Magda Indigo

No one can capture the beauty of things than the artist who have the sense of where the beauty is reside. The Photographers can see the most beautiful spots of any thing and capture it to give it to us as a gift. This gift is really fantastic, the beauty of things that we are not have the real sight to see it.

These are a collection of the most stunning flowers photographs, I give it to you as a gift from me so this is my gift.

Via Flickr

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Art Photography :Stunning Landscape Photos Collection To Feel the Calm Of Nature

The nature art, or the landscape is one of the most amazing and stunning art photography also natural paintings , natural beauty, natural life. here is  a collection of photos of some of the most beautiful places in the planet.

Have a good time of these landscape photos and feel of the calm of the nature and I hope that these photos may change your mood to beter mood.

The Cook... by Lars van de Goor
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Art Photography :Stunning Beautiful Moments Photos by Elena Karneeva

Camera can capture anything but nothing will be as the stunning felling as these photographs which was captured by the artist Elena Karneeva. Every thing is taken in the account when you want to get a stunning photographs. Light, angle, place, clothes, and a lot of parameters which affects the photograph beauty. Have a look at these photographs.

Lovely Moments
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Art Photography : Feeling of The Cold of The Morning

What an amazing cold morning. It's really amazing photographs that present to you the emotion  of the cold morning and make you feel it.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Art Photography :Stunning Photographs by Alvar Astulez

Rarely do I feel the urge to write a testimonial.....this one is easy! Alvar Astulez lets your mind wander to places that makes you smile. One has to remember that images are imprints of the photographer mind how he/she wants the images to be remembered. Alvar has an uncanny ability create stellar compositions, but also…. processes them to an amazing level. Alvar has raised the flickr bar as far as I am concerned. I have to state that Alvar’s photos are some of the most imitated (at least attempted) at flickr. My hat is off every time Alvar post a new photo and I use him an inspiration to keep myself going with flickr. This man delivers every time he post! Check out his photo stream……and you will keep coming back for more!

The reverence
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sexy Women of Japan

Sexy Japanese idol Ishizaki Chinami (surname 1st)
Hi... in looking for the next topic to go viral on the net, I thought - hey! Everybody loves a sexy woman! How about I put up once a week my pick for a sexy Japanese woman?

And then I thought - where the hell am I going to get the photos from? Oh yeah - the Internet. And, while that is indeed the easiest thing in the world for me to do, I also wanted to make life more difficult for myself.

If I am going to add photos of a sexy Japanese woman, the least I can do is add a biography about said model as well. After all, because I am a straight man and love women,  I am also sort of responsible... no gratuitous sex, or sexy, stuff if you will, unless I can make it readable as well.

I am a writer after all... shouldn't I add some words and continue to hone my craft as a wordsmith?

Yes, I should... but where the hell would I get a bio of said sexy woman? From the Internet, of course... but then I figured that 99 times out of 100 any biography of a sexy woman I could find with photos would be written in Japanese - and that wouldn't be cool for most of my readers who seem to hale from all corners of the globe (thank you very much).

Also, it would mean I would be ripping someone else's work off. That would be too easy, and not very cool of me.

Instead, let me direct you to a website called Japanese Sexy Woman Gallery. The creator has already done all the work for me/us, and all you need to do is click HERE and view to your heart's content. It's a damn fine site and some of you might go blind. Just don't blame me if your monthly tissue paper bill goes up.

While I haven't gone through all of the photos, there does not seem to be any nudity involved, but the women are in provocative poses. I just wouldn't open it up at work. That's a friendly warning.

Now I still might see if I can from time to time actually do a bio and photo spread of a sexy Japanese model for you - and women, I am not afraid to do one of a male model either... but it just seems like it would change the whole focus of this particular blog - whatever the heck that is.

I would like to grow my audience. If by some chance a random reader stumbles across this blog looking for smut, but also happens to check out some of my other blog entries... then I guess this plot of being a media whore worked.

Go... go and check out the Japanese Sexy Woman Gallery... just remember to drink lots of juice to rehydrate yourself and then come back here for the next interesting installment of Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife as I try to find something cool, interesting and factual to teach us all something new about Japan.

You're welcome.

Yours in one-handed typing,
Andrew Joseph

Conceptual Art: Surreal Art By Pete Revonkorpi

Pete Revonkorpi is a freelance illustrator from Jyväskylä, Finland. His work has been published in numerous finnish newspapers and magazines, and on international online magazines. Because of the flexibility of the medium, all of his works are done digitally, but with great care to maintain an organic and personal style. Ambient of Pesare’s (that’s his nickname on DeviantArt) paintings fascinates. Most of them look like koans with light touch of serenity, sorrow and love.

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Last Photo Of Niagara Falls Japanese Victim

Hey all... remember that horrible incident a few weeks back of that poor Japanese student studying English in Japan who tumbled over the so-called fence and over Niagara Falls plummeting to her death?

That story is HERE.

Well, as you know, the Japanese media did not release her name to the public, per her parents wishes. I'm not the Japanese media, and I didn't get her parents request. The poor unfortunate 19-year-old girl's name is Tokumasu Ayano.

Anyhow... that photo up above shows Tokumasu-san a couple of minutes before her unfortunate tumble, and is considered the last photo taken of her alive. That's her in the red sweater standing up on the edge of the fence over-looking the Horseshoe Falls of Niagara Falls, the edge of which is actually just to her right.

Andrew Joseph

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Japan Takes It Up The Ass

... wants you to take it like a man.
In what can only be seen as a desperate act by a desperate company, TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) is planning to raise it rates between 10- and 15% for three years starting April 2012.

Not content with nearly causing a nuclear meltdown and irradiating half of Japan following the March 11, 2011 earthquake that spawned a massive tsunami that slammed into the Fukushima-ken (Fukushima prefecture) Dai-ichi TEPCO-owned nuclear power plant causing radioactive materials to be strewn into the air, ground and water, TEPCO feels it hasn't done enough to the people of Japan.

Along with the triple whammy mentioned above, three of the six reactors had to be shut down and much of the eastern seaboard of Japan--including Tokyo--were affected by power shortages. Even now, as of September 14, there are still some areas of the country without power, employment and a home thanks to the tsunami, earthquake and nuclear disaster.

And yet, despite the hardships the people of Japan have faced and are facing - some of it due to the failure of TEPCO to adequately protect itself from disaster or to have a proper back-up plan in place, it has decided that in the interest of self-preservation, to add to the hardships of the people of Japan in the future to.

Well done, TEPCO. You have shown your humanitarian side admirably.

Uhhh... that's sarcasm, by the way. I only state that because you (TEPCO) are probably too ignorant to figure that out.

Nasty bastards! You don't kick a person when they are down!

Yes... we understand that you need to make a few yen to try and save your faltering business... but if you can't take the heat in the nuclear kitchen, get yourself out of the hellfire business!

TEPCO says it will try (really try, it promises) to cut charges of about 10% from a 4th year if it is able to eliminate an extra fee on fossil fuel power generation by resuming the reactors at its Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata-ken (Niigata prefecture). That's right, we can save you Japanese suckers, we mean poor energy-starved Japanese suckers some money if we can start working another nuclear plant, because we (TEPCO) have shown we are more than probably capable of running a nuclear power plant business and industry into the proverbial ground.

Apparently - just so you all know - TEPCO has been talking to a government committee that has been looking at TEPCO's assets and costs, to try and figure a way that this privately-owned company doesn't go belly-up like some poor sucker forced to clean nuclear waste out of a failing reactor and then dying a hero for a country that has no idea who he was.

Raising its rates seems like a great plan - if you are TEPCO and already a company that does not know how to really service its customers--unless, of course, one considers good service to be some sort of corn-holing activity whereby the average Japanese power consumer is forced to drop their trousers, bend over and take a high hard spent nuclear rod up the butt.

Now some people pay good money for that type of intercourse, and TEPCO is hoping you will, too.

But, man... there isn't even the offer of a reach-around.

And why does TEPCO need your money, dear Japanese consumer? It's because it spent all of its money trying to get the power plants up and running so that there are no more electrical black-outs! Good for them.

Of course... then there's also that little matter of reparation payments that it has been asked forced to provide to people and businesses who have suffered through that little old irradiation incident that lasted a few weeks.

"Yes," screams TEPCO, "let them eat radioactive toilet cake! Everybody knows radioactive toilet cake tastes much better with Heinz!"

With that bad taste in one's mouth, TEPCO is robbing from Peter to pay Paul. Taking money from the poor Japanese energy consumer to pay off those nasty payments to these stupid people who were too slow and indigent to get out of the way of the nuclear radiation when it was spewed up on them.

For shame, TEPCO. For shame. You suck.

And Japan's government - should you allow them to anally probe the Japanese consumer to pay off their debt, shame on you too!

I'm betting TEPCO still managed to get their utility bills out to their happy customers on time.

This diatribe is by Andrew Joseph who enjoys spewing venom from atop his irradiated ivory soapbox paid for with the blood of innocent bloggers.

Art Photography : Stunning Photos From India

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Japan: Then & Now

Hi there... Matthew has helped me out yet again, as I am busy working on a blog that is taking me a long time to research and even longer to put together for you.

So... yesterday I took the time to create a blog to show the progress (or as it turns out, lack of progress) of Miss Universe Japan at the 2011 Miss Universe pageant. No photos, except of the winner, Miss Angola, but despite that, Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife had it' best (as of this writing) 24-hour period of blog reader activity.

There were over 4,300 hits! That's about half of my previous best month ever - which just so happened to have been August of 2011. As such, it's September 13, and this blog site has surpassed the previous high by about 1100 hits... with 17 days remaining.

As mentioned in THIS blog, I thought at first it was readers going to the site read up on the pageant... but instead, much to my chagrin, it was readers looking up the past 21 years of Miss Universe Japan. At first I was disappointed that not many people came to read up about the 2011 contest - but then, there are far better sites set up to provide the reader with better coverage on the pageant.

I appreciate the fact that so many of you have come to this blog site to look at the photos of the past 21 years of Miss Universe Japan, or to visit the site showing the National Costumes of the past 10 Japanese representatives!


As a treat, please check out this BBC News site that shows Japan in Before and After shots - or rather it shows Japan just after the 9.0 Magnitude earthquake on March 11, 2011 and what it looks like as of September 11, 2011. In some places it still looks like a disaster zone, but through it all, you can still see how life in the afflicted areas is beginning to resemble a sense of normalcy. It's inspiring, and I hope you think so to.

Click here:

Click on the photo at the bottom. When it appears, view the photo, and then click on the button at the top right of the photo that says Now, and watch the transformation.

Cheers! And thanks again, Matthew!

Andrew Joseph

Art Photography : Stunning Landscape Photographs by Vadim Balakin

Nature photography refers to a wide range of photography taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures. Nature photography tends to put a stronger emphasis on the aesthetic value of the photo than other photography genres, such as photojournalism and documentary photography.


Baltym Lake
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Monday, September 12, 2011

This Blogger Is Confused

Okay... I don't know what sucks more... the fact that I spent the time to do a write up on the Miss Universe pageant despite Miss Universe Japan getting blown out in the opening round, or the fact that I have had some some 500 hits on my blog since I posted the results at 11PM my time - it's now 11:50PM, September 12, 2011.

I was fascinated by how many people were coming to Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife to get their fill on my Miss Universe 2011 results. I kept telling my wife every minute how many visitors my site was getting as it just kept getting hit after freaking hit.

I was so proud of myself.

And then I did something stupid.

I examined what blog entries were getting hit. Apparently some 497 of the hits in the past 50 minutes are for the blog entry I wrote on the last 21 Miss Universe Japan contestants: HERE. It was written on July 31, 2011

Three readers actually checked out the blog I wrote on September 12, 2011 on the actual Miss Universe 2011  pageant. PAGEANT RESULTS.

I think I'm going to go puke.

I swear to whatever gods are listening, that I will never figure out how some blogs are popular, and some blogs are not. And I'm not even talking about this one - I just mean blogs in general. I don't understand blog readers. Man, I feel like an ass.

Andrew Joseph

There she is - Miss Universe 2011

Well, Japanese woman lovers... it wasn't Miss Japan. Miss Universe Japan did not make it out past the first round. And to be honest, while she looked great, she paled beside the women who did get through to the Top 16. This year's event was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and from what I could tell, they did a pretty nice job. On with the show...

The first round - everyone wore a similar dress - not a gown...

Here are the Top 16, not in the order of score, but in order revealed:
  1. Miss France
  2. Miss Kosovo
  3. Miss Colombia
  4. Miss China
  5. Miss Angola
  6. Miss Australia
  7. Miss Puerto Rico
  8. Miss Brazil
  9. Miss Netherlands
  10. Miss USA
  11. Miss Ukraine
  12. Miss Panama
  13. Miss Costa Rica
  14. Miss Portugal (voted into the next round by the fans)
  15. Miss Philippines
  16. Miss Venezuela
My only comment about this was that the cameramen seemed to focus in on the actual woman chosen BEFORE she was actually announced! What the heck is with that?! That's just wrong!

At this time, the best National Costume award was announced:
Best National Costume: Miss Panama.
To me, this award is actually less about the pageant contestant, and more about the fashion designer - still Miss Panama was a great choice.

Voted on by the contestants: 
  • Miss Congeniality: Miss Montenegro
  • Miss Photogenic: Miss Sweden
Next was the Swimsuit competition, as revealed to the audience, not by score - to chose the the Top 10. The winners are:
  1. Miss Australia
  2. Miss Costa Rica
  3. Miss France
  4. Miss Ukraine
  5. Miss Portugal
  6. Miss Panama
  7. Miss Philippines
  8. Miss Angola
  9. Miss China
  10. Miss Brazil
Next, these Top 10 faced down in the Evening Gown competition. The Top 5 are:
  1. Miss Ukraine
  2. Miss Philippines
  3. Miss China
  4. Miss Brazil
  5. Miss Angola
Right now I would like to state that aside from Miss Ukraine, I actually picked these four women to get this far. I also had Miss France in my top 5. 

The Top 5 then were asked a somewhat poignant question by a judge - picking the judges name from a fishbowl. Each woman was asked a different inane question, and I'm sorry, but I won't repeat those questions here. Barf. Still, the women did a great job, but all answered in their own language aided by a translator. Let's hope the translators didn't screw up their answers.

And the winners are, in reverse order:

Fourth Runner Up: Miss China
Third Runner Up: Miss Philippines
Second Runner-Up: Miss Brazil
First Runner-Up: Miss Ukraine

And the winner is: Miss Angola - she is Miss Universe 2011, and guys - she is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever - EVER seen. Here's a photo of this stunning beauty:
Miss Universe 2011 - Miss Angola

By Andrew Joseph

Miss Universe Japan National Costumes

Because I care, here's a photo gallery of Miss Universe Japan from 2002 - 2011 in their national costumes.

Maria Kamiyama

Maiko Itai

Emiri Miyasaka

Hiroko Mima

Riyo Mori

Was Miss Universe 2007.

Kurara Chibana

Won best National Costume at 2006 Miss Universe Pageant, and was 1st Runner-up Miss Universe.

Yukari Kazuya

Eri Machimoto

Miyako Miyazaki

Mina Chiba

And that's all for now until the actual Miss Universe 2011 pageant declares a winner.


Andrew Joseph
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