Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • thomachan72
    07-14 02:02 PM
    Hi Guys,

    A quick one. I have a HIb visa which is expiring on 9th of next month . I have never worked for that employer as things did'nt work out. I am currently in Australia and want to work as a contractor in US. I have already figured out who is going to transfer/sponsor my new H1.

    I am pretty sure that my employer would have cancelled my h1 which was allotted to me in 2007 quota.
    I have a tourist visa as well and i intend to goto US on that Visa and work out on the transfer of my H1 once i land there.

    Can i really do the above or am i getting too optimistic.
    Please reply soon as i have to make some really quick decisions.

    your old H1 would not be of any use/issue for you. Apply for a new one with the new employer and it would be an easy process. Transfering basically means applying for a new one. The employer has to go through all the processes (advert, recruitment, LC etc). I have no idea about converting from B1 to H1.

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-30 08:50 PM
    I am not very proud to announce this but, ICE stated a few days ago that the San Diego County Sheriff�s Department is the first law enforcement body to implement the Secure Communities program, under which every individual booked into the three largest jails in San Diego County will have biometric-fingerprints checked in a DHS system for an immigration record.

    Secure Communities, which is administered by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), streamlines the process by which ICE determines if an individual in the prison system is a removable criminal alien. Under the program, every individual booked into the three largest jails in San Diego County has their biometrics-fingerprints-checked in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) biometric system for any immigration record. Prior to the advent of Secure Communities, as part of the standard booking process, these fingerprints were only checked for criminal history information in the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) biometric system.

    If any fingerprints match those of someone in DHS's biometric system, the new automated process notifies ICE and the San Diego intake site submitting the fingerprints. ICE evaluates each case to determine the individual's immigration status and takes appropriate enforcement action after offenders complete their prison terms.

    Illegal Immigrants will now be more reluctant to get in touch with law enforcement, thus expect more abuse towards illegals.

    Read the ICE press release here.. (

    More... (

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  • Almond
    07-05 11:55 AM
    You'd have to reapply for I140 for the new company. The one you had approved for the old company will not be valid for the new company.

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  • ras
    01-15 11:20 AM
    post the employer name and address so that other people will be careful working for him and also if employer comes to know about IV, he will stop these kind of things

    Intimidate them saying you will post the story on the IV forum. This works some times. I did this and the employer came down a little bit..


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  • uma001
    05-04 04:31 PM

    My Company recently started Perm process and posted ads in newspaper and jobsites. We have recieved couple of resumes. One of the resume meets almost all requirements, but doesn't have enough experiance in one skill set and also doesn't have required Bachelors Degree in MIS or Computer Science or EEE.

    Can we reject the candidate saying, doesn't have required bachelors Degree in above mentioned 3 fields, and not having enough experiance in one of the specified skill set?

    And also do we need to do interview candidates before rejecting?


    Are you VP or HR person or interviewer? Why do you care about these things?
    If you are not employer, your company will take care of these things.Did they ask you to help them in this regard??

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  • Stourmi
    June 4th, 2007, 01:20 PM
    Hi guys.

    I have been looking at several options on a new lens. I don't have a big budget to go out and buy the lens I really want, and looking around it seems that Olympus doesn't have a very wide selection of affordable lenses. I have an Olympus E-Volt 500, and I did see that I can get an adapter ring that would allow me to use any lens that will work with a Nikon Digital Camera. My question is....would using an adapter ring to use other brands of lenses detract from the quality of my images, and would it take away from the speed of the lens?

    Thanks for the input.


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  • GC_ki_daud
    07-11 04:12 PM

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  • ajay
    11-10 10:56 AM
    Please suggest some attorney who charges less and reliable.


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  • stemcell
    06-15 04:50 PM
    The Conrad 30 J1 waiver program has been extended to September 09.
    I believe IV core has been actively pursuing the Conrad 30 Improvement act. Can core please update us regarding the chances of this legislation passing in September 09 ?

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  • laborlabor
    01-22 01:26 PM
    Its nice to know that the backlog center issue is also part of your agenda.


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  • Kumar Nanada
    05-07 02:30 PM
    My Case Details:

    I currently have an H1 and have applied for 485(in July 2007, EB3 India, priority date April 2004, I-140 Approved, EAD approved). My wife also applied 485 (as beneficiary dependent) along with me and is currently working on EAD. Unfortunately my daughter was not in the country in July 2007 and due to unavoidable reasons she was not able to apply for 485 then. She came to US on H4 dependent visa and is currently studying in public school.

    My H1B visa and my daughters H4 visa expires in Sept, 2010. I want to use my EAD in case if my H1B extension is not approved in Sept, 2010 and am trying to find out if there were other legal ways for me to have my daughter documented in US.

    One of the option I was considering is try to get a F1 Student visa for her. My Daughter is in 10th grade currently (15 years old).

    Please advice:

    - What would be the best independent status for my daughter ?

    - if My daughter converts to a student visa (F1), and some time later EB3 category becomes current for my priority date, then can 485 be applied for my daughter while she is in F1 status ? IN other words are there any issues of her being in non-immigrant intent F1 visa and me applying for 485 for her as my dependent ?

    - Is there any limit on the number of years a person can be on F1 Visa in US ? She is currently in 10th grade and might join 11th Grade in F1 visa.

    - Does she need to go out of US to change her status from H4 to F1 ?

    - In case if required can I convert my EAD status back to H1B ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Kumar N

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  • permfiling
    11-22 02:25 PM
    I currently have a full time H1 but one of my past employers asked me if I can work on a advisory basis on a part time for 10 hrs per week. As I can have 2 h1's . My questions are

    1. During any PERM, 140, 485 stage with my first employer, do I have to or will my first employer come to know about my part time H1
    2. Can I file for PERM . Green card from my pat time h1



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  • roseball
    04-04 11:27 PM
    IF labor approves, do labor dept informs employer only or they also inform candidate?
    is it up to employer only to inform the candidate?


    Yes, only employer is informed by the DOL.

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  • wooncherk
    January 24th, 2005, 10:35 PM
    Does any one interested in the new Olympus Evolt E-300?....... or any who already own it?....... i personally am very interested in it and am looking forward to buy one on March........


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  • fromnaija
    12-16 12:33 PM
    Well, when I talked to lawyer, even though he knew I have degree and Nclex from US, he asked me to get CGFNS visa screen.

    Does this makes sense?

    Thanks for you answer.

    You may do well to direct your question here:

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  • Numbsong
    04-30 05:15 PM
    Thanks, niraj! :thumb:
    Yeah, I agree it would look more like a stamp with the symbol on a corner, but I felt that the blue spot was asking to be fullfilled with something. Anyway, I�m posting your sugestion.


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  • desixp
    05-28 08:46 PM
    Hi RayofLight,

    Thanks for your effort. Will meet you at DC.


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  • mirage
    07-10 12:42 PM
    Nobody ????

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  • nizamm
    10-01 01:04 AM
    Originally posted by DyersEve
    Well nevermind, i somehow figured things out and if ya wanna check out my test movie go to

    The guy asked for help, not branding!!

    03-17 03:01 PM
    if you have an approved H1B petition and you use AP to enter do you lose your H1 status?

    03-03 05:09 PM
    I am applying for UK visitor visa. My wife is accompanying me in the trip. Do I need to fill up the electronic form separately for my wife also.


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