Tuesday, June 28, 2011

funny diseases

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  • coldcloud
    08-06 02:28 AM
    Thanks nlssubbu for the info. And yes it is 2010 and i have edited the post.

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  • mhkumar
    05-25 12:18 PM
    H1B workers returning to their jobs are eligible for emergency appointments in India.
    Didn't you try it?

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  • GCBy3000
    07-23 11:52 AM
    It is your marriage and your wife. No one has right to intevene in your personal matters. Do not think too much and if any one asks, just say it is my decision.

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  • theOne
    07-23 06:49 PM


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  • aat0995
    08-01 04:58 PM
    My application got approved today! Good luck to everyone.

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  • kumar_459
    11-05 07:30 PM
    Any one has some suggestions??


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  • BECsufferer
    08-05 01:52 PM
    Is this required? ... or is it loading up ur school bag for just in-case event.

    I was planning to only carry orginals of I-485 application/ Reciept notice, EAD and AP along with me.

    May be someone helping you will help me in-way. Good Luck!

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  • jest_1
    03-07 08:29 AM
    Iam in a similar situation as Ihitha. Iam planning to go to Chennai in June for stamping. Which answer do you think would be a convincing one for that question asked by the VO ?

    Also after changing from L1 to H1, i had my H1 transferred between 3 companies (i changed jobs within a span of 1 month), and the current employer iam working for, iam working for about 1 year and 3 months. When i go for stamping, would they be asking for paystubs from those two companies, or does it matter only with the latest company iam working for ?
    It wouldd be great if someone can help me with some suggestions.


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  • jambapamba
    07-23 07:53 AM
    I just read somewhere...that if I do not file by I140 by July 31 the i lose chance to file I485 by august 17..which i could file anyway together if I have to file it by July31..Is this true..

    the reason being that I am waiting for the hard copy of Labor Approval and the only thing I have is Cover letter copy..I do not want to miss chance

    My PD is Oct 2001

    Please please let me know!!


    I think its only for labor exempt cases. Since your PD is 2001...u r fine to file by aug17th
    Some people here say LC must be cleared by July 31st...so u r fine that way too. Your LC will say a approval date in July...so u r ok...(eventhough some argue that its not important)

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  • amoljak
    03-28 03:49 PM
    Bush said he wants to improve the working visas, I think the prority needs to offer to Canadians because Canadinas use the same language and education system, the distance is closer. We need to call all the senetors, the working visas.etc. need to go to Canadina citizens first.

    I agree. For the genero city of canedians for using the same langwage, the goverment also pay for at least one ice hoky rink in every city. But what about the French canadians.. they should instead be called freedom canadians and directly get a green card...


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  • krithi
    02-07 03:56 PM
    Do we need original copy of 485 receipt when travelling using AP.


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  • hibworker
    09-21 06:09 PM
    USCIS has not mentioned of any plans to allow filing of I-485 if priority dates are not current.
    Its a different thing that lot of people wish that this will be the case.


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  • Saralayar
    04-07 04:56 PM
    Sorry folks, dumb question, but what does LUD stand for? A few words of explanation would be appreciated.
    It is Last Updated Date of the file.

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  • pappu
    05-15 11:11 AM
    If you are an Immigration voice member, Do mention in these teleconferences when you speak. It helps our advocacy efforts.

    Sign up for the CIS Ombudsman�s teleconference on "USCIS Change of Address: How Is It Working For You?" -- May 26, 2-3 pm EST.

    Changes of address and other pesky mailing routines can disrupt the timely receipt of important correspondence, and we want to hear from you. This discussion will cover these topics and we plan to address questions such as:

    * Does the filing of Form AR-11: Change of Address update all USCIS records?

    * Do you know what steps to follow if you miss a USCIS appointment or do not

    receive a mailing because of change of address problem?

    * Can you receive USCIS mailings through a post office box?

    To participate in this call and receive the call-in information, please RSVP to cisombudsman.publicaffairs@dhs.gov and include:

    1. Your questions, comments, and concerns on this topic; and

    2. Topics of interest for a future Ombudsman teleconference.

    We encourage your participation,

    Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Mail Stop 1225
    Washington , D.C. 20528-1225
    Web: http://www.dhs.gov/cisombudsman

    *Sign up on our website to receive email updates for our site*.


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  • prince_waiting
    08-20 05:29 PM
    Comprehensive immigration under Democrats did not have anything for us as high skilled immigrants anyways. With a decrease in EB visa numbers in fact it was anti high skilled immigrants.

    In fact the IV community was rejoicing when it fell through in the senate.

    Now that CIR has been pushed ahead, IV can easily put forth the perspective of having a legislation specifically for the skilled community.

    Lets look at it this way, CIR was an excuse used by a lot of politicians to avoid solving issues faced by the highly skilled community; with its demise they have one less excuse.

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  • gsc999
    05-08 06:12 PM
    I came across racist past of Senator Jeff sessions...
    This should server as a warning to those innocent among us who think his new-found love for point-based system is anything but another ploy by racist southern republican to deny, stall, delay anything that might benefit anyone of slightly colored skin!!
    BEWARE.. southern + republican + SENATOR == NOT A FRIEND OF ANYONE BUT KKK or Minutemen type racist organizations!

    Unnecessarily posting such kind of info. will be counterproductive.


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  • kanshul
    05-19 07:54 AM
    I am in the same situation.. send docs to Dallas lockbox.

    Applied for EAD renewal and documents reached on May7th.. checks not cased yet. I think the whole lockbox is creating the delays but one they get to your application it is relatively quick.

    Do let me know when your checks are cased.

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  • achu
    09-26 02:10 PM
    hi gurus,

    i have I-485 Pending with EAD and AP. what is the maximum period that i can stay out of USA?

    is it possible that i can stay 11 months out side the USA and come back to re apply AP and go back again for 11 months?


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  • superdude
    07-17 03:19 PM
    Is there any legal issues?

    Is it a good idea?
    DHS will be rescinding its July 2 update and the initial July Visa Bulletin will take effect for 31 days � i.e., all employment-based green card categories (except for the �Other Workers� category) will be �current� and CIS will accept applications through August 17.

    DHS will issue a press release to this effect later today.

    02-28 03:21 PM
    Atlanta falls under Houston Indian embassy.
    Go to the website Consulate General of India - Houston, TX, USA (http://www.cgihouston.org/) and check under passport section for all the documents and process.

    Steve Mitchell
    December 17th, 2003, 02:18 PM
    Great job. More of the power of digital photography and post processing.

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