Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • theshiningsun
    07-31 04:11 AM
    hi attorneys,

    which visa can someone apply for it s/he intends to work as a caterer?

    is the J-1 visa applicable for this? if yes what r the eligibility requirements for this visa?

    thx in advance,

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  • Lasantha
    01-15 04:49 PM
    Do you actually need Paychecks and Employment Letter when travelling with AP ? Or are you just taking them as a precaution?

    I'll be going to carry following documents. Please see document no also, and let me know if I have all right documents for re-entry.

    Please help.


    For me
    485 RECEIPT - I- 797C
    Ap Approval Notice - I512L
    Employment Letter

    For my wife
    485 RECEIPT - I- 797C
    Ap Approval Notice - I512L
    My Paychecks
    My Employment Letter

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  • Ectheo
    04-01 11:37 AM
    I am not endorsing our relationship!

    O RLY?

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  • AreWeThereYet
    08-12 10:16 AM
    Why would anyone pay $2 for this? :D

    Some would, if only it can send a push notification as soon as the new bulletin arrives and if it can send a push notification for every soft/hard LUD on your cases. What do you say?


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  • allen_1974
    01-23 01:34 AM

    My passport will be expiring in next 6 months. I do have an appt pending with US embassy Bombay. I have some queries, if someone can please guide me:

    1. What happens to old passport. I took Appt with old passport number?

    2. Can I keep my old passport?

    3. Is it OK to go for new renewed passport? Or will it impact the H1B stamping and interview process?

    Pls suggest.


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  • suny_saini
    08-04 06:40 AM
    my name was not interview with my family.
    my family gave interview and embassy asked for original I140 and I824 approval notices to check my eligibility.

    i submitted and now after 2 weaks got the follwing reply:

    In your case , the I-140 was filed on sept 10, 2001 and approved on october 08, 2003. The visa became available on october 08, 2003 . Form I-824 was not filed within one year of visa became available. <my name> was born on January 03, 1986. because he (me) is above 21 years old an immigrant visa as a derivative beneficiary of Employment third prefrence (e3) immigrant visa category cannot be inssued to <my name>. In order to qualify for a visa, he (me) would need to benifit from CSPA. Since form I-824 was not filed within one year of visa becoming available on October 08, 2003.
    <my name> cannot be processed under CSPA.

    but i think and i am not sure if i am right or wrong that I824 can be filed after issuance of green card, but at that time my dad ddnt got green card.
    SO plz help me with right advice and solution so that i can travel with my family.
    my mom and bro got te visa and it will expire in 6 monts and i want to go with them, can i be able to get visa in any case before their visa expire?

    i badly need help.


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  • nousername
    04-07 09:00 PM
    Once you switched from F1 to H1 your F1 becomes void.

    If you can get an approved transfer (don't know form # or name) then you should be good, and don't need another stamp. That is my best "guess".


    I was on an F1 visa until Oct, 2008 and on H1-b visa after that.
    The expiry date on my F1 visa stamp is in 2011.

    I intend to convert from H1 to F1 . Do I require a new F1 visa stamp or will my old stamping be valid still?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • boreal
    05-14 12:27 AM
    TSC is not processing most EB3 I485. This is not supposed to be revealed publicly. It is wrong, so that's why I'm speaking out.

    If you are really an undercover USCIS officer, then you can blow the whistle on USCIS illegal (supposed to be) operations...you will have the whistle blower protection offered by the US Govt...


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  • trexx7
    07-27 11:07 AM
    Thank you. But Am I allowed to do 2 485 applications? I thought we need to stick with only one 485...

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  • Ann Ruben
    07-03 10:11 PM
    The minimum requirements for a particular job may, and often do differ from the minimum requirements for EB-2 classification. As long as the actual requirement for a given positon is at least a Master's Degre or equivalent (defined as a Bachelor's Degree plus at least five (5) years of progressively responsible relevant experience), then the position qualifies for EB-2 classification.

    The labor certification and I-40 Immigrant Visa Petition will not be approved unless the beneficiary is able to document education and experience meeting or exceding the actual minimum requirements for the job as set forth on the application for Labor Certification.


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  • Sreenuuk
    06-25 01:51 PM

    How to create the new thread?


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  • smarth
    05-04 05:04 PM

    My husband is having L1A visa through company X.
    Howmany days/moths/years will it take for us to get GREENCARD if we apply in MAY2008.

    I understood no LC is required for L1A visa holders Greencard processing.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • rameshk75
    02-28 02:14 PM
    A question from one of my friend.

    ************************************************** *******
    Here are my H1 details.

    Initially I came to USA on H1B in May 2002 and stayed till June end 2004. In early 2004 I had applied for H1B extension and got it extended till Sep 2005. As I went back to India in July 2004 I didn't get a chance to extend my H1B for the second time. Effectively I
    was in USA for just over 2 years on H1B and overall validity of my H1B was over 3 years.

    Last year (2007) July I came to USA on L1A and I have the visa valid till March 2010.
    ************************************************** *******

    Can someone suggest whether he can apply for H1 Transfer and Extension or does he need to apply for new H1B in the 2008 quota?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • tnite
    11-06 03:18 PM
    I just wanted to confirm that "Document mailed to applicant" on I-131 means that the AP is approved. Can someone who saw a similar message please share their experience?


    I had the same message on 10/31 and got my AP on 11/03 .It's for approval of AP


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  • insbaby
    11-07 06:27 AM
    He missed the important path of "EB3-I".

    He should have put one more path for EB3-I that ends like

    "the petitioner is 154 years old, or dead taken to crematory by his/her great grand children while the application is in pending..."

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  • nhfirefighter13
    September 23rd, 2005, 09:36 PM
    Nice work. Not completely centered, the water draws your eye all the way through the photo, the texture of the rocks makes the negative space some interest.

    I like it.


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  • RadioactveChimp
    04-16 01:52 AM
    alright sorry man. I got an idea, why don't you make one with just link, that would be nice :thumb:

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  • tinamatthew
    07-20 08:32 PM
    Wondering if a little something when filing my taxes will backfire on me when filing I-140/485.

    I'm single/no dependents but for past 4 yrs or so when filing taxes have showed 2 dependents for child tax credit (no earned income credit applied for)....my niece/nephew. My bro had full knowledge and he had suggested as due to his status in US, he is not required to file taxes. Sis in law not working, so not filing taxes. So i used to do that....

    It won't come to bite me right???? ok i am never doing this from now on but is it too late for me. Obviously on my immigation forms i will show no dependents etc as i have none...

    any advice.....

    Personally, I wouldn't send my tax returns until I have spoken to a GOOD lawyer. There are quite a few IO that do not ask for tax returns b4 or during the interview. However, it shouldn't be a problem as you can explain it away. Simply - they were my dependents in those 4 years !! But now they are not, simple.

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  • sac-r-ten
    04-28 10:47 AM
    On Acceptance, your petitioner will receive the hardcopy (receipt notice) generally within 2-4 business days.
    Check on the receipt notice, the amount and a text which says its filed in premium.

    Good luck.

    08-22 12:54 AM
    Hi Guys,
    How about a fun filled trip for you, your family and friends to DC from your place, while you help yourselves get GC faster? All this at virtually little or no cost to you?

    Sounds too good to believe?
    Not really! Check it out!! :cool:
    Sign up now:
    Ride the bus to Dc from the Tri State Area
    Catch a Ride on the BUS to DC (MA,VT,ME,RI,NH,CT)
    Catch a Ride on the BUS to DC (MN, WI,IL,OH,PA etc)
    The magic bus from NC/SC/GA/North FL and anything en route

    Sit back and enjoy the ride!!

    Please respond with your replies. This helps others get an idea and may be even pool up.

    03-11 10:26 AM
    Fellow members,
    I would appreciate anyone who could post his/her H1B stamping experience at the US Embassy in Delhi. My appointment is in the last week of March 2010.

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