Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is The Farmland Salted?

Here's something that has me going hmmm.

Okay... the Japanese government is offering some money to the farmers who have lost their livelihood this year owing to the Dai-Ichi (Big One) nuclear facility radiation leaks. That's nice.

Are they doing the same to the farmers who lost their livelihood owing to the tsunami wiping out their farmland? I'm unsure. I'll have to find out.

But... for those farmers that had their land wiped out by the tsunami back on March 11, 2011... this isn't just a one-year thing. Yes, the water flooded the land making crop growing impossible.

But, what about growing crops on this same land next year or the year after that?

The land may indeed be reasonably dry after the tsunami waters receded. I don't doubt that. And the farmers may have lost a season to plant their crops. I don't doubt that.

But my big question deals with the fact that when the 9.0 Magnitude earthquake struck and spawned the massive tsunami that wiped out towns and villages along the coast and interior or the northeast sector of Japan, the tsunami brought with it SALT water from the ocean.

The land has now been salted.

Trying to grow crops on land that has been salted is nigh impossible. It's why back in ye olden days when invading armies decimated an enemy, they salted the earth so that they would 1) not have any crops to eat; 2) would not have any crops to sell.

It was an effective means of killing a village.

The same thing has occurred all over the northeast part of Japan. Yes, people are dead, the economy is in ruin, and might soon cause the downfall of the federal government... but what the hell happens to the blighted earth?

Is Japan going to dump in tons upon tons of clean dirt onto the crop-growing land? That's one solution, I suppose. If so, where is it coming from? If not, what is the solution?

I just don't know... and I haven't seen any data on what the country is doing about it.

Just food for thought, people. If anyone knows - and maybe this is information readily available and I've just missed it - but I, and the other loyal readers would appreciate you passing along a line to us here at Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife.

Andrew "That Curious Guy" Joseph 

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