Saturday, August 20, 2011

Japan To Host 2011 FIFA Club World Cup

Get ready soccer fans! Japan is hosting the men's 2011 FIFA Club World Cup soccer tourney December 8-18, 2011 to be held at two venues: International Stadium in Yokohama (capacity 72,327) and Tokyo Stadium (capacity 45,000).

This is the eighth edition of the tournament.... but this one already has some international turmoil attached to it, after Brazil's Santos FC club created an advertising promotion for it that is RACIST.

For more information, I'll direct you to a Wikipedia page that is a tad confusing...  HERE. I've tried to decode it a bit for you here.

Just know that perennial powerhouse nations like Brazil's Santos FC (winner's of 2011 Copa Libertadores) and Spain's FC Barcelona (winners of 2010-11 UEFA Champion's League and probably the best team in the world right now!) get an automatic draw to the semi-final round.

Japan, the host nation, will play the New Zealand entry Auckland City FC (winners of 2010-11 OFC Champions League). The winner of J-League Division I will represent Japan at the tournament, when a winner is decided on December 3, 2011.

One other team, as of this writing, has already qualified: Club de Futbol Monterrey of Mexico (winners of 2010-11 CONCACAF Champions League). They will play in the quarter-finals against the winner of the 2011 AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Champions League (to be determined on November 5, 2011) and the winner of the CAF (Confederation of African Football) Champions League (to be determined November 13, 2011).

The fourth quarter-final team is determined through a December 8, 2011 match in Tokyo between Japan's champion and Auckland City FC.

So... not all football teams are created equal. Still... it should be a good tourney with some pretty decent soccer.

Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife will keep you apprised of the participants - just before the tourney begins.... but personally, I hope Japan gets to play Santos FC and kicks their ass.

And remember people... it's not whether you win or lose... but HOW you play the game that should matter to yourselves. We all are not naive enough, however, to believe the some prestige and money would also be a big help to your respective team's finances.

Andrew Joseph

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