Wednesday, August 10, 2011

JET Programme Activities II

James Dalton, Colin McKay, Andrew Joseph - JET setters.

Hi all... since you know I was a JET (Japan Exhange & Teaching) Programme guy... and when you're a JET, You're AJET all the way... that's AJET as in Association for JET Programme participants. 

Here's what's going on - at least here in Toronto: JET

It's a society for JET alumni. While I am not a member, I respect the organization... I just lack the time to actively participate, what with work, blogging and a five-year-old.

Personally... I'm waiting for them to wave all fees and simply elect me demi-god of JET Toronto... that's demi-god as in G.O.D.... gaijin on display.

I mean really... who else lays it on the line like, this making themselves looking like an ass sometimes but still smelling like a bed of roses? I tell ya... if it wasn't for the screwy women I seemed to draw, Japan would have been a lot less troublesome for me... but it also would have been a whole lot less interesting.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Colin McKay (Calgary) and James Dalton (Stoney Creek) - have them drop me a line. Those boys were solid friends for me in Japan, and now that I've 'grown-up' or at the very least grown older, I'd like to know that they are doing better than me so that I can have more to feel bitter about!


Andrew Joseph

PS: That's James, Colin and myself in a photo taken in Ohtawara-shi back in 1991 or 1992 and made into a telephone card. I'm guessing 1991, as my hair was still growing into its ponytail. We're doing an "I'm With Stupid" routine.Apparently two out of three JETs think I am stupid. I'm not. I'm just an idiot.

PPS: There's another blog out two hours after this one is published.

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