Sunday, August 7, 2011

LEGO - Cool For Cats

Nyantomo Happy House.
Okay... about a week ago TV Tokyo presented its results after putting forth a nationwide request for viewers to create toys for cats made from LEGO.

The challenge was just for simple folk like you and I, but rather for the advanced LEGO builder who has a lot of free-time on his or her hands, a plethora of hard-to-find bricks and a plethora of those bricks in the appropriate color scheme... not to mention they also needed to posses an incredible imagination and talent.

I am unsure why challenge was to create toys for cats, but what the heck? The results were awesome, and featured cat cars, cat houses (no, no THAT type), robotic cat toys, and more.

Watch the video HERE.

Wild cats secret hiding place.
And despite the fact that people everywhere are impressed by these LEGO creations, and Japanese cats  got to play with some real neat-o toys, it's obvious that the big winners are TV Tokyo for concocting this bizarre challenge and still providing us with a wow factor along with a television ratings bonanza!

Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife is actually blown away by this concept. I must have around 10,000 LEGO pieces, and I have a cat. Okay... the LEGO is actually my 5-1/2-year-old son's, and the cat came with my wife when we got married 10 years ago this month... but dammit, I play with both.

The shocking thing is, my cat shows absolutely zero interest in LEGO. She can't build anything owing to the absence of thumbs - though to be fair, thumbs are not a necessity to construct LEGO. But really, that darn cat doesn't even try batting around any fallen pieces that hit the wooden floor; she doesn't gnaw on any pieces; she doesn't even try and swat any pieces from my (I mean, my son's) constructs that litter the shelf space in the house (yes, the whole house).

Lego cat car - but does she have a license?
I am reminded of comedian Steve Martin talking about cat toys, and how you can never return them after they get cat spit all over them. Why won't my cat play with LEGO? Is she waiting for me to create something cool like in these photos et al? Until then, apparently I - with my allergies to cats - am her favourite toy.

I hope not. I'm not making any LEGO toys for cats. I'm making a LEGO diorama of old Japan. Or at least that is what I am telling myself I am going to do, which explains my strange purchases from the LEGO store and E-bay.

Somewhere with cat spit on myself,
Andrew Joseph 

PS: regular rife back tomorrow.  

Lego - fishing

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