Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Map Showing Radioactivity in Japan's Farmland

On August 29, 2011, the Agriculture Ministry of Japan released a map of the country denoting radiation levels
in agricultural areas.

The image here to the left is only a partial map, lifted from a government video. Here's the VIDEO.

The map does show a that levels of radioactive element Cesium are higher
than the government-regulated standard of 5,000 bequerels per kilogram in nine areas. The Cesium was released in the weeks following the near-melt down at the Dai-ichi nuclear facility in Fukushima-ken this past March, April of 2011.

The ministry says the map is based on analysis of soil samples taken
at 580 locations in six prefectures.

Obviously, the Japanese government has banned rice planting on farmland contaminated with
radioactive cesium higher than 5,000 bequerels per kilogram.

Two of the higher radioactive farm areas are the 8,571 bequerels on a field in Date-shi (Date City) and 6,882 bequerels in Iwaki-shi (Iwaki City), both in Fukushima-ken.

That sounds like trouble... until you realize that the map also shows the town of Namie and Iitate village very close to the nuclear plant in Fukushima-ken, have cesium levels over 20,000 bequerels per kilogram.

The agriculture ministry plans to increase monitoring around the highly contaminated farmland.

Files by Andrew Joseph

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