Monday, August 22, 2011

Old Fashioned Love Song

It's a nice enough day... it's not raining, but since this is Japan, I'm pretty sure it will soon enough.

It's Wednesday, October 9, 1991, and I'm an assistant English teacher (AET) on the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme living in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan since very late July 1990.

I had set my alarm for 7:30AM, but I don't wake up until 8:45AM. In a panic, I make it out to the Ohtawara Board Of Education (OBOE) offices where I work for a quick 9:30AM meet for some stamping business with my hanko (That's how the Japanese sign all official documents - see THIS blog for more - you would think counterfeiting or falsifying documents would occur more often, but to my knowledge it hasn't).

I then race out on my bicycle for Matthew's team-teaching demonstration in Nishinasuno-machi (Nishinasuno Town)... unfortunately, due to the high amount of humidity, me wearing a silk shirt and a backpack on my back, my lovely dark blue shirt is soaked in sweat making the shirt look black.

Matthew, by the way, is a junior high school teacher (like myself), who lives in Ohtawara, but teaches at the smaller schools outside the city border, while I teach those that are within it. He's giving a team-teaching demonstration today to all of the junior high school AETs in Tochigi-ken.

Letiticia, one of the new arrivals two months ago, is there. She looks drop-dead sexy... and I'll admit when I get around her, my tongue gets tied. She is THAT beautiful. Long, tall, slim, curly dark brown hair, gorgeous eyes, a small mouth, long neck, gorgeous smile, long legs, a small, but round butt... this woman is one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever met.

She walks over to me and hands me a letter and some comic books. The gift of the comic books makes me want to marry her on the spot! Forget about the way through a man's heart being the stomach... for me, it's through comic books! Here's a girl who actually listened when I spoke and realized how much I missed reading good old fashioned American comic books.

The letter. I open it and read a few moments after she gos off to say hello to some other AETs. Funnily enough, her letter says that she is at that point in her life where she wants to be married. Hey! Me, too! Not really.

So... what do you think... is she just telling me this as a friend... or is she just telling me this to see if I am interested in the whole marriage thing?

I have to admit... while I certainly would like to get married one day, the whole idea kind of scares me at the moment - what with me only just discovering myself as the sexual stud that I am here in Japan.

While Letiticia and I have talked for hours on the phone, we've never been overly flirty with one another, so her comments to me about such a deep topic as marriage throws me for a loop.

I was going to give her a present (a lucky charm to protect against health defects and a stuffed lion doll), but now I don't want to lead her on—so I don't give either to her. But man... would I like to give it to her.

It's not that I don't think Letiticia is worthy of marriage... I'm sure she is. Charming, smart, funny and sexy, with a very, very pleasant demeanor. But what would any guy do in this position? Play her up and give her the present to get sex? Or, back off, forgoing sex so as to not lead her on?

Hell... I just want sex. Is that so wrong? What's with these new girls? Karen and Letiticia. Why do I have to be a boyfriend to get sex? Now... like I said... maybe Letitia is just letting me into her life as a confidante... really? What's wrong with me being your boyfriend?

I suppose, if Letiticia wanted me to be her boyfriend, I would have done so at the drop of a hint. Was that letter a hint or a plea?

I'll talk more about Letitia  in a later blog... suffice to state that I wanted you all to know just how wonderful she is... if not a tad confusing to me.

Matthew's team-teaching demonstration. Okay... from what I remember of it, it was basic, but good. Thank goodness. If he was doing some super spectacular stuff that I wasn't doing, then my teachers or OBOE might want me to do the same thing! Since he's not, I'm safe. My easy job remains easy.

I'll admit that I wasn't watching a lot of Matthew's demonstration, as I sat beside Letiticia pressing my knee up against hers. A couple of times she would turn her head, smile at me as I looked at her, and she would press back a little harder before slowly, ever so slowly pull her leg back. We would repeat the process several times during the demonstration.

As such, Matthew, old buddy, old pal... I had a severe lack of blood flow to my brain as I only had eyes (and other body parts) for Letiticia.

When Matthew was done, Letiticia squeezed my hand with hers (I wish it was with her knees), and said she was heading back to Ashikaga-shi (Ashikaga City where she lived) now... it's a fairly long trip of about 1-1/2 hours by train..

I wonder how she got here so early this morning? Did she stay at someone's house? She could have stayed at mine last night? Or, did she just catch some early trains here? Damn... I missed out.

Regardless... it was still nice to see everyone - all of the returnees on JET, as well as the newcomers... most of whom I was seeing sober for the first time since Matthew and I went down to Tokyo this past July to lend a helping, welcoming hand.

After eating eel for lunch (unagi = eel on rice) for the first time ever, Jeff Seaman and I go over to the nearby gym and shoot some basketball with the local students. Jeff is a great guy... the only one I know who wrote a Master's thesis on the Batman comic book: The Dark Knight Returns written and drawn by Frank Miller.

Jeff teaches the kids some sports slang and I teach them some locker room talk... the bad words.

When it was all over, I ride home in the rain. See... I told you it would rain. It sucks. Ashley comes by at 5PM following her day of teaching at the Ohtawara Boy's High School. Ashley is my ex-girlfriend and current friend-with-benefits.

While it's true that I am thinking about Letitia, I am also going on a vacation to Sendai-shi (Sendai City) tomorrow with Ashley. She asked me to join her - probably in a fit of jealousy after finding out that Karen wants me for her boyfriend. Regardless... I hopefully do a good job of hiding Letiticia's letter from her.

Ashley has no worries with regards to Letitia. If Ashley was still my girlfriend and Letitia came a-calling for me, I would drop Ashley like a ton of bricks. See? No worries. Of course, Ashley is not my girlfriend, but we still are a couple. A couple of somethings.

Since it's raining, and Ashley and I are getting warm and cozy under the blankets of my kotatsu (electric blanket/table), I call up Kanemaru-san and cancel our kyudo (Japanese archery lesson). We're both wet and tired.

We eat a lasagna dinner, have four beers each, watch some videos and actually go to bed without any hanky-panky... though I do stay awake a bit longer trying to see if there is anything hidden with Letititia's letter.

Somewhere a woman bought comic books for,
Andrew Joseph  
Today's blog title is by Three Dog Night: LETTER  - and this song is dedicated to Letiticia.

PS: From that first lunch of unagi at Matthew's team-teaching demonstration, it is still my favourite Japanese food. Ichiban dai suki desu. (That's my baby way of saying 'it's my favourite thing I like').  I will eat it every chance I get.

PPS: BY the way... at this point in time in 2011, I am unsure of the correct way to spell Letiticia's name. It's pronounced lu-tish-ah. I think I have also spelled it "Letitica". If you are out there darling... spelling has never been my forte, and I'm going on what I wrote in my diary a-way back then. I apologize for any mis-spellings, but just know that I thought you were beautiful.

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