Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ramblin Gamblin Man

Well... this past Sunday, August 28, 2011 was my wedding anniversary.. the 10th, in fact. Now, that in itself has nothing to do with Japan... except for what happened earlier this evening... actually, it's after 1AM on Monday morning as I write this (I'm late today!).

After dropping our son Hudson off at Grandma's in Guelph (about an hour northwest of Toronto), my wife Colette and I went to dinner at an Indian restaurant in Guelph called Diana's.

We had a great meal - Colette had a butter chicken and I had lamb medallions tandoori.

Again, nothing remotely Japanese about that.

We then finished a great meal and drove about 20 kilometers further northwest to the town of Elora and stopped off at the casino and racetrack there - part of the OLG (Ontario Lottery & Gaming) Corporation ... where we each had $100 to blow.

Colette stuck beside me and played a 25-cent slot machine, while I did the same. After going through about $10 worth, she cashed out not being able to figure out the game. I, too was having problems figuring out my game, but I dropped $60 into my machine in a fit of stubborn passion.

Colette went to try her luck on another machine and came back two minutes later holding a voucher for $171.50. She still had $80 left over from the initial stake.

Me... I went to another machine and quickly blew $20 on a quarter-slot. I had a single $20 left... jammed it into that same machine that had taken my previous $20... got down to $10.50 and said screw this and cashed out.

Realizing I was going to be done soon, and seeing my wife on another 25-cent slot machine (winning), I snuck back to an ATM (automatic teller machine) and took out another $80.

I then walked around looking for a machine - a $1 slot machine perhaps - and then my wife came up behind me. So... that stupid idea was out of the question... I noticed we happened to be beside a 5-cent (nickel) slot machine... what the heck... nickel slots... at least when I lose, it's going to take a while.

Colette looked at me and said: "Nickel slots? Oh, I see... it's because of your blog."

I dropped my voucher for $10.50 into the machine  - giving me 210 credits in my machine. I played the maximum bet - $0.45 (like maybe 45 yen). It was to play five lines with a maximum bet of $0.15.

I immediately won $0.50. What the heck?! So I played the same bet again and lost. I'm now down a total of $0.40.

Despite being nearly broke, I played the maximum $0.45 bet again and hit spin. This time the machine lit up and started playing music and the credits started piling up... and up... and up... and up.

It suddenly dawned on me that I had won 8,570 nickels... which is $428.50. Wahoo!

I had actually hit four different winners on the same spin.... not merely four of a kind... but four lines of winners!

So... where's the Japan connection? Take a look at the photo above. It's my novelty cheque.... up where the date is, they wrote in the name of the slot machine.

Yup... it's called Geisha.

Needless to say, I said "Thank-you beautiful geisha!" and then kissed the machine full on the lips.

Yes... thank-you Geisha... and thank-you Japan for helping make the anniversary profitable.

Here's a YOU TUBE video of a Geisha slot machine.

To be perfectly honest... I still have no idea how the frigging thing pays out! I had three Geisha, a pair of 10s, a pair of Aces, and a Pair 9s... scattered all over the board. Whatever... I'll take the money!

And yes... I immediately cashed out and walked out of the place feeling like a million bucks... or rather like $428.50 (plus the $10.50 still left in the machine). Okay... I'm actually only up $369.50... and then less the $100 I gave my wife, who then ended up with $251.50 (including the $80 she still had from our initial stake).

Dinner was courtesy of my mother-in-law Ruth... so that's a wash... so all told we came out with $690.50 - or (less our initial $200 stake) an astounding $490.50 taken from the casino!

I was considered a BIG winner, so I got a photo, a baseball cap, and the novelty cheque.

The photo will arrive via e-mail tomorrow...and I'll post that!

Somewhere dancing for a geisha,

Andrew Joseph

Today's blog title is by Bob Seger: I SAW HIM IN CONCERT

PS: The damn novelty cheque was too large to scan in its entirety!

PPS: I know it's not a lot of money... but it is the principle of the thing! Geisha! What a wonderful rife!

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