Wednesday, August 3, 2011

With A Girl Like You

Welcome back to my life spent in Japan beginning in 1990.

Today is a fantastic day. It's warm - not hot - and I'm visiting a great school called Wakakusa Chu Gakko (Wakakusa Junior High School). I am an assistant English teacher on the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme and have been living in Ohtawara-shi (Ohtawara City), Tochigi-ken (Tochigi Prefecture) here in Japan since very late July of 1990.

It's Tuesday, September 24, 1991, and I spend a weekend sleeping with two women—one my ex-girlfriend and current friend with benefits, Ashley, and Cathy a new arrival on the Programme who likes me more than I like her... so I had to try and let her down. It went well, as far as I am concerned, but somehow I doubt it's that easy for her. I'll have to call her tonight to make sure she is okay.

Anyhow, as a result of all of the alcohol and sex, I am super tired. Satisfied, but tired - despite going to bed early yesterday. 

At Wakauksa (one of the seven schools I visit for a week at a time), I arrive at 7:30AM, as they have an early outdoor assembly. 

Later, I am introduced to a Peruvian girl whom I think thought I could speak Spanish. She is extremely pretty and friendly and I hope like hell she will be able to fit in here. 

There's an old Japanese adage: The nail that stands up gets hammered down. While I hope she fits in, I hope she maintains her identity.

I have four classes today. Despite being stupid tired, I enjoy the opportunity to do what they are paying me to do—show the kids that English can be fun and that non-Japanese people are not scary ogres. At least I'm not an ogre.

After school, I call my dad and leave a message for him on the answering machine to call me at 7:10AM tomorrow. I want him to give me a few Spanish phrases to use... something more than the Speedy Gonzales cartoon phrases I know.

I go to my night school English conversation class that I teach on the side with the blessing of my Ohtawara Board of Education (OBOE) office who pay my JET salary. The nigh school class is organized by the Ohtawara International Friendship Association and have been quite helpful in helping me have fun in this city!

Today's lesson is a lot of fun, as everyone seems to be in a great mood. 

Shoko is there. She is tall and looking damned sexy tonight. Her legs are the best I have seen on a woman - ever! Shiny! Sorry... I'm drooling.

She and I have been trying to hook up on a date for far too long. She had my phone number and tried to call me a week ago - but I stupidly stepped out for a minute and must have missed her call. I don't have an answering machine. Shoko is the first Japanese woman I have met with whom I could see me having a relationship with. 

She's shy, but smart, funny and gorgeous. I have no idea why she wants to do out with me, but I assume there must be some cache in dating the local gaijin (foreigner). 

I assume there could also be some backlash in her dating the local gaijin, too... and I am aware of that... but my buddy Matthew doesn't seem to have that problem by dating Takako. 

Of course... they can communicate better in Japanese and English than Shoko and I can. Still... there does appear to be some chemistry. Did you know that I failed chemistry back in Grade 12 high school. I failed more classes than that - including English in Grade 11 (or was it 12). Now I'm a writer! 

Feeling brazen and full of guts for the first time in my life, during a break in the lessons,  I walk up to her (and those legs!) and quietly ask her for her phone number.

As class ends, Shoko walks beside me and slips me her phone number as we round a corner on the stairs so that no one can see that we are interested in each other.

I go home, watch TV and think about Shoko.

Somewhere everyone knows we are interested in each other,
Andrew Joseph
Today's blog title is brought to the world by The Troggs: BABABABABA
PS: With Shoko on my brain, I forgot to call Cathy.
PPS: Ashley didn't call me... but to be honest, I didn't even realize that at the time.

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