Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wonderful Rife - in Japanese?

Bored at lunch.... it sudden;y hit me that I have absolutely no concept of what this blog's title looks like in Japanese:

This is it below:

日本では、 - それは素晴らしいはびこっです

In romaji, it looks like this: 
Nippon de wa, - sore wa subarashii habikoddesu.

To be fair, I used Google Translate. I'm unsure if it's perfect, but it sounds correct. Want to know what it sounds like?

Go to GOOGLETRANSLATE and type in the name of this blog... or whatever it is you want... make sure you set it FROM : English... To: whatever language you like! Obviously, I used Japanese!

Thanks for indulging my boredom!

Andrew Joseph

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