Monday, April 30, 2012

Creative Perspective Optical Illusion Photos

As we have written before, Perspective photography is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It is used primarily in photography, filmmaking and architecture. It manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the spectator or camera.

When Perspective is mixed with Creative minds , we could find these magnificent miracles that will get you lost a bit, dream or even imagine many different visions.

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Incredible Photos of Pillar Mountains in Zhangjiajie, China

Avatar movie raised a sensation because of the beauty and realistic scenes designed by graphic artists for the planet Pandora, which took place upon the events of the film, but for those who stunned by planet Pandora, here I present to you this place that is no less surprising

The place is in the planet Earth! And the country is China, specifically the Zhangjiajie National Park north of Hunan Province in central China. What you see in this image is part of 243 towering rocky Pillar in Zhangjiajie National Park of China, and rise each and every one of these Pillars for more than 1,000 meters!

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stunning Lakes In Afghanistan

Perhaps the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the name "Afghanistan" is the country's war-torn barren, and covered by deserts, rugged mountains wherever you look, but this perception is not accurate because the center of this barren deserts hiding enchanting beauty of eye-catching

Imagine that this beautiful emerald lake is part of the rugged terrain of Afghanistan, and what makes it more surprising is that it lies at an altitude of three thousand meters above the Hindu Kush mountains of central Afghanistan! These Lakes Bear a name Band Amir , a chain of 6 lakes located in the charming region of Bamiyan in central Afghanistan.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Incredible Hip-Hop Talented in Arabs Got Talent Program

The talented Yasser from Iraq lit the Arabs Got Talent theater by his great hip-hop dance, and he hopes through it to reach the finals of the program.

Yasser expressed about his talente by the lead currently outstanding, saying: "I do not want to stand only at the first stage, God willing, came across the final stage."

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Incredible Photos Of The Petrified Forest

Imagine that you walk in a natural place that have been saved by the time since the days of dinosaurs and you are surrounded by the same trees that were surrounded by hundreds of centuries! 

This place is already in Arizona - United States of America at where the Petrified Forest is. It is one of the most important sites in the world because they contain important and valuable fossils for millions of years ago! 

These petrified trunks in these pictures was green trees surrounding the dinosaurs and unknown creatures in the Triassic since immemorial time , since 225 million years!(There is no error number)

But how do these trees petrified ? And what is the reason of its survival all these years?

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Waw an Namus, An Incredible Land In Libya Like A Part Of The Moon

Can you believe that this photos is a part of the planet Earth?!

It is an image of Mount Waw an Namus in Libya, which is a geological formation wondrous located in south-central Libya, where the dark basalt volcanic mixed with green trees and plants, and blue lakes surrounding the center of the desert golden sand , to make all of them a very beautiful painting!

Waw an Namus Mount is a volcanic mountain its crater stretched over an area of 10 to 20 km and at altitudes of 575 meters, surrounded by three lakes with a variety of plants such as reeds and bamboo and palm trees.

This place is a nature reserve of some rare creatures, where scientists have discovered 16 new species of mosquitoes in this region!

The tourists said that Waw an Namus is like "a piece of the moon fell on the ground!", and If you look at it from a satellite you feel the accuracy of this analogy, as in this photo:

And you can see this by yourself throw this link  Wikimapia – Waw An Namus

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Incredible Rain Of Microbes On A Mysterious Moon of Saturn

We are living in a universe that reveals to us day after day that it is stranger than fiction. Recently revealed the Cassini spacecraft images that there will be an amazing (if true) mutation in our view of the universe:

What you are seeing are photos taken by the Cassini spacecraft when it passed near Enceladus (a moon of Saturn), in which you can see streams of water huge-like fountain flowing by Enceladus to the Space!, And when  NASA scientists  analyzed what are these fountains (or fountains) contains, they found that it consists of water vapor and ice particles and organic compounds, the scientists think that they have enough evidence to say it contains microbes as well!

That is raining on the moon  Enceladus  Water, snow and microbes!!

Cassini spacecraft approached to within 74 kilometers of the lunar south pole to capture these images, which were detected more than 90 fountains spouting water vapor and bacteria on the surface of the planet.

(Imaginary paintings, by computer for Moon Enceladus Surface)

Enceladus has a diameter of about 500 km, one of the many moons of Saturnclose to the 60 satellite! , And this image of Enceladus were captured by the year2009.

The moon Pointed out the attention of scientists since the long time because of mysterious cracks that exist on its surface, because of it the scientists have discovered signs of a huge sea of ​​bottom surface of this mysterious moon , and the exciting that the NASA vehicles monitored the salts in the components of the planet's water makes its like seas on the planet!

(Picture of the cracks on the surface of the mysterious moon)

This information is still part of the assumptions based on scientific observation and reading some of the sensors, but the scientists are planning to get samples from the fountains spray to study them and cut off any doubt.

So, Is this little moon may be a reason to change our view of the universe?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Autonomous Car Technology

This technology  is one of the artificial intelligence applications, Self-Driving Car, and also know as An autonomous car  or informally driverless. It's same as the traditional car except it driving alone without the control of human, nice isn't it? ,  it is capable of sensing its environment and navigating on its own. A human may choose a destination, but is not required to perform any mechanical operation of the vehicle.

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Skyscrapers In Dubai Soaked In The Fog

Dubai has been able in a short period to become one of the most distinctive architectural paintings in the world, It includes today a large number of distinctive skyscrapers that make it closer to the cities of the future, especially the annexation of the highest skyscraper in the world, Burj Dubai, up 828 meters.

How this modern city will look like when it covered by fog? To see the answer in these special pictures by the photographer Ian Boyle

Ian said that the fog covers Dubai heavily twice a year in March and August when the seasons change, so high humidity with fog covering the city in the morning makes it appears closer to the science fiction cities !

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Is The Glowing Blue Waves

The shores of the Sea  gaining  magic  that makes it one of the most beautiful that can be seen on the planet, and increase this beauty shines while charming beach blue glowing:

No, it is a true picture of a beach in the Maldives, once the evening gleaming sands of the beach is amazing with blue stars to compete withZia!
The reason is the microscopic plants called plankton Vaitoblancton spread off the beach and the sand, and scientists believe it is strange glow in this way to frightenits enemies, if you're a predator, whoever I do not think I will eat a creature shines!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Unusual Phenomenon in Pakistan, Large Spider's Home

This is what happened in Sindh city in Pakistan after the major floods which hit this city in 2010th. at the first look at these trees you'll see a spiders nets and these are really belongs to spiders that live in this area. Then what happens and why this phenomena doesn't appear before the flood. The answer becomes in your mind isn't it? :) .

So this is really an amazing phenomena. The spiders that were live at the ground before the flood now crawling and forced to climb the trees as you see the trees are woven a remarkable large number of spiders webs. The most amazing thing was happened because the spiders webs, After the flood a lot of houses were destroyed so so many diseases appeared for example the Malaria. And here comes the spiders webs benefits. The large number of spiders that have woven a net around the whole tree reduced the number of Malaria .

Go ahead and watch the rest of the photo.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

At The Perfect Moments Photos From Around The World

Capturing photographs such like these are not happened always. This is what I called the perfect moments. Many perfect and incredible moments happens in every spot at the Earth. Every photo below has a very stunning moments. Go ahead and watch each photo, below each photo present a comment. I hope to have fun with these photos.

The Hell is coming

 My Kids

Wire bridge  

Lovers after long time 

Not completely  buried

 Advertisement for football

Great goat 

 High building hell

 Hurricane comes from the Sky

 God help me

Stunning marriage event  

 Bad Monkey

 In the death hands


 Old building like the forest

 The same action done by all

 Lovely Foxes 

 Incredible Statue 

 Well formed stones

In the middle of the sea

So how are amazed you? don't hesitate to capture like these events when it comes up, carry your camera with you always, maybe you can get more money from such these photos when it well photographed.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The World’s Longest Wedding Dress In 2012 by Emma Dumitrescu

This is one of the most amazing events in 2012, The longest wedding dress designed by the famous romanian model Emma Dumitrescu 17 year old. below are some of  the coolest  photos captured for this event.
This dress is  2,750 meter long so it has  gotten the  the largest wedding dress length in the entire world and broke the world record in guiness .

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Stunning 3-D Street Art Illusions By Kurt Wenner

This type of art is known as street painting and also commonly known as pavement art and sidewalk art. The most amazing thing in this type of art is its illusion. Most of the paintings are in 3d form and the illusion comes when composing the real with the imagination. For example to see a very deep hole in the street or a monsters trying to escape to the real life. It's really fabulous. In my post I've bring a collection of the street art illusion examples, and all of them will melt your brain when watching them. All of these paintings are painted by the artist Kurt Wenner.

I want to mention here that when you see these paintings in real life you will not see it as in these photos because these photos was captured in a certain angle.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stunning Photos of Animals Captured At The Perfect Moments

Capturing photos is not that easy work, it's need a talented photographer to get the photo from the perfect angle and at the perfect moment. Really while I look at these photos I feel that it want to say something, another photos I found them imitate the behavior of the Human. Like the Monkeys :) . For example look the first photo. A Monkey is ready to take a photo, really funny.

I've search all over the internet and publish in my post some examples of these amazing photos and I hope to get your attention and I hop to fun moments with them.

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